(New York)- Ignited by a spontaneous decision to throw on tape some of the unexpected experiences life has thrown at them, the Holiday Electric are back with their first release in over four years, a powerful and energetic rock declaration titled “Now.”

“Now”, which follows the band’s 2012 debut “Ripper”, spawned from episodic rehearsals during the band’s unexpected hiatus that quickly progressed into creative free-for-alls reminiscent of the members’ formative years in the Jersey shore independent music scene. As the band’s name implies, these “electric” sessions provided them with a therapeutic and transcendent “holiday” from the familiar daily grind we all experience. With their refreshing blend of classic rock and seminal post punk influences, the Holiday Electric’s humble advice to itself-- seize the day and pursue your passion, is prominently on display throughout the EP’s five surging, guitar-driven tracks.

The band enlisted Marc McClusky (Weezer, Bad Religion, Motion City Soundtrack) to mix the project and Chris Athens (Coldplay, Drake, Johnny Cash) to handle mastering duties.

"NOW" is slated to feature 5 energetic tracks and is tentatively scheduled for release in Spring 2017. The band plans to support the release with various Northeast tour dates to be announced later this year.